• The competition will be open to all national and international anthletes.
  • Male / female runners having sufficient health conditions born in 2000 and before can participate in half marathon, 10 km and public run.
  • Participants must submit their IDs and sign the disclaimer in order to receive the race kits. each participant must receive his / her own kit personally. Someone else can’t take the kit that belongs to someone else.
  • No bib number or chip delivery on race morning is permitted
  • Bib Number and bag distribution’ will be established at Selcuk Station Square on the 17th of November 2018. The bib number is not transferable to another person. The performance time of the competitor without the chip is immeasurable. The replacement of the official competitor number is a disqualifiation.
  • Responsibility for participation in the competition belongs to the participants. The organizer, Selcuk Municipality and any other organization is exempt from all liability. This includes accidents, stolen clothing or other equipment. Medical control in the sports field is particularly recommended. Upon receipt of the documents of accession, all participants agree that they and their team members have no health disabilities.

Disqualification : Transferring the bib number and chip to other people, leaving the race route or changing the route, changing the official competitor number is the reason of disqualification. Athletes who do not pass through the check points on the course are disqualified. At certain points of the course, the competition will be watched by the camera.

Start Point Services : The municipal facilities will include toilets. Dressing cabins and belongings buses will be provided at the point of Selcuk Station Square

Finish Point Services :Fruit, drink, toilet, massage, dressing cabins or bus pick-up service will be provided at the Finish Point. Medical service will be provided. Award ceremony will be held.

Personal Belongings: It is recommended that participants do not bring important and valuable items with them. The organization committee is not responsible for any lost items. The organizing committee considers all participants to read and accept the statement contained in the registration

Ephesus Half Marathon

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